A workshop structure focused on people and development

Try to learn something about everything, and everything about something.

 Thomas Henry Huxley

With bright minds thinking together and the synergistic networking, the ideas discussed at CMW are the starting point for shaping the future!
This is how CMW works:

Round Tables

The most important aspect of CMW. We focus the workshops on peer-to-peer interactions rather than speakers to attendees, agilising the implementation of the discussed subjects whithin the research workflows.

Poster Sessions

CMW includes poster sessions with plenty of time to discuss strategies and new innovative methods, which can be technical or pure management issues.

Social Events

Most professional interactions are made based on trust. To be able to trust we have to know each other. The best way to do this is to promote social events in an informal environment.

What is the CMW?

The Core Management Workshop Series (CMW) is an independent iniciative driven to address the emergent challenges and the future in Core Facility management.

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The CMW series was born in 2012 by the need to establish and share best management practices in Core Facilities. Today the CMW series is an international event that takes place every 2 years in different countries.

Anyone can join!

The Core Management Workshop (CMW) embraces everyone directly and indirectly involved in the operation of Core Facilities. Whether you work in a Core Facility, involved in Administration, or from a company that interacts with Core Facilities, you will find useful topics and a great atmosphere to discuss and learn!

Networking opportunities!

The CMW series has straight connections with a federation of Core Facility Networks and Associations, including CTLS and ABRF. CMW is the materialization of a space and time for learning and exchanging knowledge about best scientific facility management practices.

Getting companies involved!

We believe that suppliers are important stakeholders and should understand the paradigm of facility management. All companies are invited to participate and to take part in shaping the format of this workshop!

CMW 2020 Edition

The CMW 2020 edition is happening 17-19 February in Leuven, Belgium! Join us there!

Do you want to organise a CMW edition?

Please contact us through the form below with your proposal!
Subjects covered so far: Finances, Industry Partnership, Communication and Conflict Management, Training the Trainers.
All suggestions are welcome!