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February 2020

VI CMW - Innovation

Leuven, Belgium

With this workshop we aim to work with a group of about 25 people on the topic of innovation in core facilities. We want to discuss its importance as part of the core facility’s mission and what it would entail to create value at the technological, scientific, and organisational level. Different aspects will be covered, going from examples of innovation, to creating the right mindset in the life science institutes. We will discuss the skills that are required, the mandates that should be in place, what expectations to manage, and other requirements that are essential for innovative core facilities.

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Previous CMW Editions


JULY 2012

1st CMW

Oeiras, Portugal


A Core Management Workshop to discuss, learn, and share key aspects of core facility management, including equipment quality control, booking management, core business models, availability of grants for facility development, among other issues.


june 2013

2nd CMW - Finances

Faro, Portugal


This two-day workshop consists on expert talks, a few commercial presentations, an informal poster session at the end of day one, and a round-table discussion at the end of the workshop. All applicants are invited to submit a poster abstract, either scientific, technical or a simple overview of their facility. The aim is to foster discussion on the different strategies each Core Facility uses to provide the best possible service.



3rd CMW - Industry Partnership

Madrid, Spain


On this edition we will count with a panel of experts coming from different research areas, industry and management consultancy. They will share and discuss with us their experience and expertise in all the aspects related to manage successfully a core lab. Take advantage of this great opportunity to network with experienced core managers and industry peers!



4th CMW - Communication and Conflict Management

Lausanne, Switzerland


The workshop is an international venue aimed at managers and staff of research core facilities (microscopy, flow cytometry, genomics, sequencing, proteomics, histology, animal house, etc.), to discuss and develop better communications skills to better manage and run core facilities, and to establish collaborations by networking with peers. Managers, core staff, and industrial partners are all invited to participate.


JULY 2017

5th CMW - Training the Trainers

Barcelona, Spain


This edition will be focused on the challenging subject: “Training the trainers”. We will count with a panel of experts coming from different research areas, industry and management, that will share their experience on all aspects related to training strategies for core facility staff.

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